7-Color LED Hula Hoop Review

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For Christmas I received a 7-color LED hula hoop. While I did win the block party hula hoop contest when I was younger, I honestly haven’t hula hooped much recently. However this gift has inspired me to try and learn new tricks again. But even if you aren’t big into hula hooping, this unique object can be used in other ways as well. For example, I plan on hanging it up in my apartment and turning it on at night when I have people over. It’s a great conversation piece as well as a really cool color changing light display.

I’ve also been amazed with the battery life. I’ve been using the hoop for hours and still haven’t had to charge it. I think that the colors have a great variety and absolutely love this gift. I can honestly say that it was one of the most creative and unique gifts that I have ever received and my friends are definitely jealous!




Sound to Light with an Electret Microphone

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This circuit is for a sound activated LED. The goal is to add this into an LED hoop to have it pulse with the beat of the music. I’ll post updated circuits as we get closer to adding this into a hula hoop.


LED Hoop Photo Shoot

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All of the photos above where taken using the same LED Hula Hoop! The camera used was a Cannon Rebel XTi using a long exposure to capture light. Let me know which photos you like the best.



Simple 7-Color LED Circuit

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The 7-Color LED is my favorite for making hoops. It has a built in color selection mode that allows you to change the color on the fly. When you add in the color changing mode it’s like having 8 LEDs in one. Here is an example on how to wire the 7-Color LED and how it can be used.

One disadvantage to this LED is the start up sequence. Every time the LED is powered on, it runs through a 15 second color sequence. After this sequence you are able to select a color. My next step is to use some RGB LEDs to allow for more advanced color selection. RGBs are much more complex to wire and control than the 7-Colors.


The New Poly Pro Has Arrived!

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Just received my order of new polypropylene tubing from McMaster. I now have hoop making material that measures at just 1/2 an inch! If you thought the 3/4 inch hoop material was light, you’ll need to check this out. In addition to the 1/2 inch material, I also ordered some more 3/8 inch and 3/4 inch. Here is a photo comparing the sizes to the standard LED hoop material:

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